Time To Break Out The Pussy

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I decided to work on my druid’s off-spec, feral.

Went and bought a bunch of gems, and mats for enchants. Mostly +hit gems as I was far below hit cap. I still had 2 blues left and a bunch of other crappy iLevel 200 gear, including a level 70 trinket, but what the heck, I need to do this eventually.

I specced him to an entirely DPS spec, no tanking stuff thrown in at all, I want to maximize my DPS. With my new enchants and gems I decided to go hit up the training dummy. It took me awhile to get a hold of the DPS rotation, which has gotten significantly for difficult since level 70. After about maybe 5 minutes of working on it I was pulling 2800 DPS.

Took a second look at my gear, realized I forgot to get a leg enchant, and that I could make the alchemist trinket, figured that would increase my DPS a bit. At the same time, however, I also realized I completely forgot about glyphs. I went and bought Savage Roar, Rip, and Mangle (however, I may be changing this one to Shred).

Back to the target dummy I went. My DPS went up pretty substantially, reaching 3250 this time. Wow, didn’t expect a jump that much. I tried to find a heroic, but it was 6am server time, and on a low pop server, it’s pretty much impossible.

Fast forward to last night, did 10 man Ulduar with the guild, got a sexy new belt that brings me up to hit cap finally, and replacing 1 of my 2 blues. I sign off for a bit, been raiding for a bit, need a little break. Sign back on a few hours later, and start talking in guild about how I am finally working on my feral set. I mention that my trinkets aren’t that great, and someone says “Why don’t you get the badge one?”. /facepalm.

So I am a dumbass, and for some reason, never even thought of using the few hundred badges I had to buy feral gear with. So I splurge with my badges, buy the heroism trinket, 3 valor items, and 2 conquest items. Put all the new gear, get some more enchants done, and buy some more gems.

Now my gear is completely epic, everything iLevel 213 or above, except my 2 trinkets which are iLevel 200. I head back to the target dummy, and this time I end up pulling 3500 DPS. Third tries a charm. My gear evolved alot, very quickly, with my DPS going up by 700 in less than 24 hours. Pretty sweet deal if I do say so myself.


Speccing The Mage

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My Mage was frost his entire career until Wrath came out. Shortly after hitting 80, I specced him to Frostfire. Right now I am trying to figure out which spec I wanna go with.

So I went to the target dummy and DPS’d for 90 seconds as FFB. I was doing roughly 2100 DPS.

Went over to the trainer, refunded my talent points. Specced frost, replaced glyphs. On to the target dummy again, this time pulling only 1800 DPS.

Now, I knew it would be lower, because frost isn’t a good PvE spec right now… but I want it to be so much, and was hoping the difference in DPS was only around 100 or so… *sigh*

I have never ever played arcane, and I am not really geared for it, but my buddy suggested I try it out. I think I am gonna hit up a raid as frost to see where I am at first. If it is still showing up significantly lower than FFB, then I will go and spec arcane and see how that works out for me.

It’s probably about time I try out arcane anyway, it’s the only spec I have never played on my mage. It’s always good to know everything there is about the classes you play. Hell, it’s good to know as much about every class for that matter.

“Good Job”

•June 5, 2009 • 3 Comments

You just killed a boss. Most of the raid is dead. Your raid leader says “Good Job”.

Are you serious? That was a horrible job. More than half of the raid is dead, we were 15 seconds from the enrage timer, and only one of our DPS was above 2k.

This is one of my pet peeves. I really hate when someone congratulates the group on a good job… when it wasn’t a good job at all. I am always tempted to scream in vent “The fuck it was, it was a horrible job”, or in raid chat in huge caps, depending on the situation. I never do, and I probably won’t, but boy do I sure want to.

This isn’t just in PUGs either, it happens in guilds as well. Sometimes it’s just one of those nights and your guild is doing bad, or half the raid is on their alts in greens. Regardless of the situation though, there is always someone who says good job, whether it was or not.

Sure Glad We Didn’t Try A Drake

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Yesterday I ran OS 10, with no drakes up, and I am sure glad we didn’t try any.

This run was horrible, 4 people got hit by every void zone when killing the drakes. Even actually killing the drakes took forever. We trudged through the 3 of them, people taking damage from any thing they weren’t supposed to.

So we get to Sarth, trash down, yay! Do we get an achievement? I know I sure should for having to deal with this. Both tanks say they know what to do. Ok, as long as they tank it where they are supposed to, we are good to go.

Hunter MDs the boss to the Paladin Tank, he faces him in an odd direction, and then proceeds to run in circles letting Sarth breath on everyone. It was me on my Paladin and a Resto Shaman healing, we quickly heal everyone back up to full. And then the fire wall comes, every person except for me and 2-3 other people don’t get hit, we heal through the damage.

Next fire wall comes, I have to run away to avoid getting hit, right as I am throwing my heal on the tank after stopping, he moves out of range… dead. The other tank picks it up, adds get out of control, we eventually wipe at 1%.

We all run back into the instance, buff back up, the DK decides to tank, I tell him how to position it. Hunter MDs, and the DK pulls him into position, it seems to take a year, but he gets it there. I am healing the hell out of the tank, spamming heals on the raid too, seems like the shaman is just sitting there doing nothing.

Every… Single… Firewall, the same people get hit, and I have to spam them to keep them alive. About 70% or so, the shaman takes a double firewall to the face and dies instantly. No worries, I heal the rest of it without letting anyone else die, even healing through all those firewall people.

It took awhile but we downed him, even though we had 1 DPS above 2k. We actually had a hunter that was doing under 1k, not even sure how that is possible.

Bright side, I got the volcano achievement, and the 22 slot bag.

Why do I always get the bad PUGs?

Screenshot of the …

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Wow, 2 rolls of 100 on the same loot? What are the odds of that?

Click for larger image…

PS. I know my UI is horrible.

Downtime, Yet Again

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Blizzard has been releasing updates for years now, yet somehow, that still don’t know WTF they are doing. How can you update your software for years upon years, and still not have it perfected.

You would think, after the 5th or so screw up, they would fix the problem. Nope, still haven’t gotten it right after the 100th+ patch. Still pushing back the normal time servers will be back up by a few hours.

It’s obviously not a money issue, they have plenty of it. What is it then? Lazy techs? If so, fire them and hire new ones. Come on now Blizzard, it’s enough with all this stupid bullshit.

I shouldn’t have downtime for a game I pay a monthly payment for.

“I Can’t Afford the Repairs”

•June 1, 2009 • 2 Comments

I joined a group for Sarth 10 +1D. We got in there, cleared the trash quickly.

We had really good DPS on the 2 drakes we killed, so we figured we were good to go for Sarth +1. We were using 2 healers, 2 tanks, I was one of the tanks on this one.

First try I was tanking the drake that comes down, and trying to grab the adds. It just wasn’t happening, the adds were going all over the place, and the Sarth tank wasn’t positioned correctly for me to stand over the portal.

No big deal, we try again. This time the Sarth tank had a good position, but I still couldn’t keep all the adds on me while tanking the drake, and DPS also seemed to be really slow compared to before.

We switch tanking, I get Sarth, he gets the drake/adds. This was even worse, adds went crazier than before. One of the guys speaks up and says he has a tank off spec and can grab the adds.

Alright, that sounds good, but one guy chimes in, “I can’t afford the repairs”. Seriously? You can’t afford a few gold, is it really THAT bad? It’s not like your paying 30g per death or something, it’s probably somewhere more around 5g, especially at this gear level.

We manage to convince him to let us try this method once, well… you know how PUGs are, we wiped. We kill the last drake and just do normal Sarth, oh well, always next week.

I really don’t understand these people. Do they not know how to make money that 5-10g is alot of money? That’s like 1 daily, or the trash we just cleared up to this point. I am a plate wearer, and I never complain about the repair bill, it’s just not that big of a deal.

Wipes happen, you deal with them, try a new method.