Long Weekend

I had a very long, but exciting weekend. I planned to post yesterday but was too exhausted.

Played a bit of LoL today with friends. Won some, lost some. Nothing particularly exciting happened. 

I just signed on to Diablo 3 to check some auctions, made about 70k gold and the rest of what I had in the AH didn’t sell. A buddy of mine signed on and gave me a nice chest upgrade. Gained ~900 health and ~700 DPS from it. My Monk is now sitting at 20.9k damage. I am at the beginning of Act III. I will try to progress a bit tomorrow.

I will post again tomorrow (today really, since it is after midnight here). The post should be longer and more involved as I have finally recovered from my weekend.


~ by xylch on July 4, 2012.

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