From The Grave

It sure has been a very long time since I have posted something on this blog. I was just thinking about how I wanted to start writing about my gaming again being as it is what I do with 80% of my time. I remembered this blog and figured, why start fresh?

I still play WoW. I did take a break for about 3 years though. I came back at the end of Cataclysm and did some fun stuff for awhile doing Dragon Soul and such. It was fun for a few months playing with old friends and guild mates. I transferred a bunch of my characters to Bleeding Hollow and faction changed to Horde. I am a bit bored with it at the moment due to a lack of new content in anticipation of the next expansion.

I am playing a couple other games however. The main game I am playing is League of Legends. I have been playing it for a couple years now, since beta. I own every single champion and skins for more than half of them. I play it almost every day. I have taken breaks from it here and there, but I always come back in the end.

I have also been playing some DIablo III. I have 2 max level characters. A Wizard and a Monk. Presently I am focusing on my Monk as I find it more fun to play and I have spent countless millions of gold on gear for him. I am currently sitting at the beginning of Act III as I just completed Act II tonight.

I won’t be posting anything for the weekend as I will not be home. I shall begin posting again Monday. I look forward to sharing my gaming stories with you and the world.


~ by xylch on June 29, 2012.

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