The Decline of WoW

It’s been brought up lately on a few blogs that it seems that WoW is dying down a bit right now.

The Death of WoW wrote about how he thought population and playtime was significantly reduced lately. Now another blogger is writing about his Writer’s Block. Then there was the third post about the subject in Players vs Socials.

I am inclined to agree with them, as for the last year I have been playing WoW 60+ hours per week. Lately however, this has been cut down to maybe 30… sometimes even less. All I really do is sign on, raid, sign off. I’m not even that into raiding anymore, being on sit out recently has been a blessing in disguise.

I don’t plan to stop playing, I will still raid, I will still play my alts here and there. I just don’t think I will be playing as much, going with the current trend. I don’t plan to stop blogging either, as it is a very nice outlet for me that I quite enjoy. It’s difficult for me to start writing, but once I do, I just don’t wanna stop.

In a few weeks I will be moving, as I am currently out of money. I will be living with either my father or my ‘ex’ g/f. My WoW time will probably be absolutely zero for a week or two during this period. I do however, still plan to write on this blog. The topics will probably be more RL stuff, but hey, it’s my blog I can write whatever the fuck I want.


~ by tankhealdps on June 12, 2009.

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