Speccing The Mage

My Mage was frost his entire career until Wrath came out. Shortly after hitting 80, I specced him to Frostfire. Right now I am trying to figure out which spec I wanna go with.

So I went to the target dummy and DPS’d for 90 seconds as FFB. I was doing roughly 2100 DPS.

Went over to the trainer, refunded my talent points. Specced frost, replaced glyphs. On to the target dummy again, this time pulling only 1800 DPS.

Now, I knew it would be lower, because frost isn’t a good PvE spec right now… but I want it to be so much, and was hoping the difference in DPS was only around 100 or so… *sigh*

I have never ever played arcane, and I am not really geared for it, but my buddy suggested I try it out. I think I am gonna hit up a raid as frost to see where I am at first. If it is still showing up significantly lower than FFB, then I will go and spec arcane and see how that works out for me.

It’s probably about time I try out arcane anyway, it’s the only spec I have never played on my mage. It’s always good to know everything there is about the classes you play. Hell, it’s good to know as much about every class for that matter.


~ by tankhealdps on June 5, 2009.

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