“Good Job”

You just killed a boss. Most of the raid is dead. Your raid leader says “Good Job”.

Are you serious? That was a horrible job. More than half of the raid is dead, we were 15 seconds from the enrage timer, and only one of our DPS was above 2k.

This is one of my pet peeves. I really hate when someone congratulates the group on a good job… when it wasn’t a good job at all. I am always tempted to scream in vent “The fuck it was, it was a horrible job”, or in raid chat in huge caps, depending on the situation. I never do, and I probably won’t, but boy do I sure want to.

This isn’t just in PUGs either, it happens in guilds as well. Sometimes it’s just one of those nights and your guild is doing bad, or half the raid is on their alts in greens. Regardless of the situation though, there is always someone who says good job, whether it was or not.


~ by tankhealdps on June 5, 2009.

3 Responses to ““Good Job””

  1. I think perhaps it’s pure despair. Laying into people never helps the sitution and only dents morale so there’s nothing much you can do execept facepalm behind your keyboard, survey the devestation and chirpily announce “good job, team”. I’ve caught myself doing it during doomed PUGs.

  2. I guess that’s that nasty positivism :p

    Okay, people need to know when a kill was a lucky kill or a sloppy one, but if you down a boss for the very first time (even though most of your raid died) I think at that moment a compliment fits way better than an insult.

    Afterwards, you can point out what people did wrong, and on the next attempt you can say “we downed it before and we all sucked on that attempt”.

    Of course, when we’re talking farmed content, sloppy battles should be a wake-up call to get people focused out again, and a ‘wtf was that’ reaction may be in order.

    And PuGs .. well I guess in some PuGs you’re just happy you’re downing anything at all and not dieing on trash.

  3. Nasty positivism … I should probably re-name my blog =P

    But, yes, you’re right, knee-jerk good jobbing is probably ultimately unhelpful. I suppose it depends how much investment you have in your team, how well they know you and each other, and to what extent constructive criticism is going to result in the end of the world as we know it.

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