Sure Glad We Didn’t Try A Drake

Yesterday I ran OS 10, with no drakes up, and I am sure glad we didn’t try any.

This run was horrible, 4 people got hit by every void zone when killing the drakes. Even actually killing the drakes took forever. We trudged through the 3 of them, people taking damage from any thing they weren’t supposed to.

So we get to Sarth, trash down, yay! Do we get an achievement? I know I sure should for having to deal with this. Both tanks say they know what to do. Ok, as long as they tank it where they are supposed to, we are good to go.

Hunter MDs the boss to the Paladin Tank, he faces him in an odd direction, and then proceeds to run in circles letting Sarth breath on everyone. It was me on my Paladin and a Resto Shaman healing, we quickly heal everyone back up to full. And then the fire wall comes, every person except for me and 2-3 other people don’t get hit, we heal through the damage.

Next fire wall comes, I have to run away to avoid getting hit, right as I am throwing my heal on the tank after stopping, he moves out of range… dead. The other tank picks it up, adds get out of control, we eventually wipe at 1%.

We all run back into the instance, buff back up, the DK decides to tank, I tell him how to position it. Hunter MDs, and the DK pulls him into position, it seems to take a year, but he gets it there. I am healing the hell out of the tank, spamming heals on the raid too, seems like the shaman is just sitting there doing nothing.

Every… Single… Firewall, the same people get hit, and I have to spam them to keep them alive. About 70% or so, the shaman takes a double firewall to the face and dies instantly. No worries, I heal the rest of it without letting anyone else die, even healing through all those firewall people.

It took awhile but we downed him, even though we had 1 DPS above 2k. We actually had a hunter that was doing under 1k, not even sure how that is possible.

Bright side, I got the volcano achievement, and the 22 slot bag.

Why do I always get the bad PUGs?


~ by tankhealdps on June 4, 2009.

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