“I Can’t Afford the Repairs”

I joined a group for Sarth 10 +1D. We got in there, cleared the trash quickly.

We had really good DPS on the 2 drakes we killed, so we figured we were good to go for Sarth +1. We were using 2 healers, 2 tanks, I was one of the tanks on this one.

First try I was tanking the drake that comes down, and trying to grab the adds. It just wasn’t happening, the adds were going all over the place, and the Sarth tank wasn’t positioned correctly for me to stand over the portal.

No big deal, we try again. This time the Sarth tank had a good position, but I still couldn’t keep all the adds on me while tanking the drake, and DPS also seemed to be really slow compared to before.

We switch tanking, I get Sarth, he gets the drake/adds. This was even worse, adds went crazier than before. One of the guys speaks up and says he has a tank off spec and can grab the adds.

Alright, that sounds good, but one guy chimes in, “I can’t afford the repairs”. Seriously? You can’t afford a few gold, is it really THAT bad? It’s not like your paying 30g per death or something, it’s probably somewhere more around 5g, especially at this gear level.

We manage to convince him to let us try this method once, well… you know how PUGs are, we wiped. We kill the last drake and just do normal Sarth, oh well, always next week.

I really don’t understand these people. Do they not know how to make money that 5-10g is alot of money? That’s like 1 daily, or the trash we just cleared up to this point. I am a plate wearer, and I never complain about the repair bill, it’s just not that big of a deal.

Wipes happen, you deal with them, try a new method.


~ by tankhealdps on June 1, 2009.

2 Responses to ““I Can’t Afford the Repairs””

  1. In my experience, if you’re trying Sarth with drakes with only two tanks, it’s often easier to have the Sarth tank pick up the extra drake. You may have to shift around a bit to get the drake positioned correctly, but reasonably self-aware melee dps should be able to avoid the flame breath while staying on the drake. This lets the whelp/elemental tank run around as necessary, as well as avoiding the risk of having the drake breathe on the raid.

    Still, whenever possible we use 3 tanks.

  2. When my warlock dinged 80, her repairs were more like 15g per death, not 5g. 😦

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