The Paladin

This was the third character I ever made, it was pretty early on in my WoW life. I leveled him with a friend of mine on and off, holy all the way level to level 54 in vanilla WoW. My main at the time was my rogue, so I was just leveling him for fun.

He sat on the backburner for awhile, I leveled him pretty slowly to 70 when BC came out, respeccing him to prot at 64. I leveled him from that level 64 to 70 as Prot, and I loved it even more than holy, and wow, was it faster to kill mobs that way. I basically ran dungeons all the way from that point.

When he did actually hit 70, I did a few dungeons with him, got exalted with Karazhan and the like, but didn’t really get into playing him entirely as my Druid was my main. When the pre Wrath patch came out, I started gearing him up a bit in ZA and even formed a few BT pugs, I had a great time.

Now we are in Wrath, and I am playing him quite a bit. I wasn’t for the first few months, but I am now. I again leveled him entirely through dungeon runs, dual-specced Prot/Holy and loving it. Finally hit 80 about 3 weeks ago. Because I leveled through dungeons, I already had 540 Defense and started tanking heroics right away.

Right now I am both tanking and healing about equally, and both gear sets are about equal in quality. I don’t have a defined “main spec”, I consider both of my specs to be mains. However, when I am healing a run, I won’t roll on tank gear unless nobody else wants it. Vice versa, if I am tanking, I won’t roll on healing gear.

I try to be as fair as I can, I hate when you go into a run for an item, it drops, and the guy who is DPSing rolls on a tank or healing item and you get screwed out of it. There are certain curcumstances where I want a tank item when I am healing, or a healing item when tanking… but I check with the current tank/healer to see if he needs it first before even joining the run. If he does need it, no issue, I can find another group, however, if he doesn’t need it, great, I helped fill the group and nobody gets hurt in the process.

I know I went a bit off topic on introducing my Paladin, but my mind just kinda wandered into it. Can’t argue with my mind, now can I?


~ by tankhealdps on May 31, 2009.

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