The Priest

This was my second max level healing toon. I didn’t do much with him up until recently, he sat on the back burner and I just played him for fun here and there. Since I transferred my Druid to another server, I now play my Priest almost every day.

I primarily played him as Holy up to this point as well, but with the implementation of dual-specs, I have been playing Shadow as well. My shadow gear isn’t the greatest at the moment, it’s mostly my holy gear in my Shadow spec, I am hit capped however. I enjoy being able to switch between the 2 specs on different encounters or instance runs. Out of all my alts, I find Shadow DPS to be the most involved, and that makes it very fun and rewarding.

I raid with him 2-3 days a week, generally on Friday, Saturday, and Monday, it all depends on my Druid’s raiding schedule. It’s great being able to raid with multiple toons and see how different guilds progress and approach encounters. Since I have cleared all of Ulduar, minus Algalon on my Druid, alot of the strats we are using are from my main guild, but some are completely different.


~ by tankhealdps on May 30, 2009.

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