The Agony of 525 Defense

I’m on my Paladin and looking to find a group for H UP or H AN for the 2 last tank items I need, can’t find anything. I see a Tank advertising for H CoS speed run, they need a Healer. So I decide to go since I have nothing better to do and need 1 more item from Emblem’s anyway.

We get there, buff up, etc. The Tank has 26.8k health with Kings, so I figure he must have some decent gear. He mentions that he only needs the shield that drops here, and he has everything else he wants from heroics. This makes it even more reassuring this should be a good quick run.

So he gets in there and starts tanking and his health is just dropping… extremely fast. I barely manage to heal through all the damage he is taking, just spamming the hell out of him with Holy Light the best I can, trying to throw Flash of Light on the raid members taking damage as I watch his health go from 100% to 40% in an instant.

We manage to get through the first part, and are a bit behind on time, but doing ok. I start looking at his gear while we have a small lull. He is in 90% BoE blues stacked with pure Stamina pretty much, no wonder he has so much health. We get a bit farther in, and I finally decide to ask him, “Are you defense capped?”. He replied, “525 defense”. Wow, no wonder he is so hard to heal, he is getting crit every other hit.

We somehow manage to get through the instance… without a single death I might add, and even get to the end before the timer and kill the boss for the Bronze Drake, but that was by far the most intense healing I have ever done.

Where do these people come from that they think they can just stack a bunch of Stamina and not be Defense capped for Heroics? I even told the guy at the end of the run that he needed to get atleast 535 Defense to be able to tank heroics and he told me, “I have 535, I just put this gear on for more health”. Wait… run that by me again? *sigh*


~ by tankhealdps on May 30, 2009.

One Response to “The Agony of 525 Defense”

  1. Hi! I write my own pally tanking blog and came across your site (which is shaping up nicely I must add) and I had to leave a comment, as I feel your pain. Back in BC I healed a little on my pally, when is was super hard for a pally to get a group as a tank. The def cap, or minimum as I call it, was 490 back then and was the first thing I asked of any tank I tried to heal behind, if after the first pull and I saw it was going like how yours was, forget it, I would have given the tank a piece of my mind. I just wonder why so many tanks get so hung up on high HP, within 15 mins of hitting 80 myself I tanked Arch and UK with only 21k hp no problems at all. We have to get it ingrained in the newbie tank’s heads that skill>stam and all the stam in the world is nothing without the def minimum.

    Nice blog!


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