A Small Introduction

I have been playing WoW since October 5th, 2005. Way back when Molten Core was imba and epics really meant something. WoW has changed alot since then, but I love the game just as much as when I started.

I am a hardcore PvE’r and raid as much as I can. I get a rush from it like no other. Downing a boss for the first time is my kind of euphoria.

On occasion I do a bit of PvP, but not the biggest fan of it. I really enjoyed it in vanilla WoW… just not my thing anymore. I feel that the ranking system was great, between that being removed and resilience, PvP was ruined.

I have played every class to level 40+ except for Warrior, never really got into them. My main right now is a Resto Druid, but I have 3 other level 80’s that I play regularly.

I get the most excitement out of healing, 3 of my 80’s can heal, and 2 of them have it as their main spec. Even though I like healing the most, I still really enjoy doing DPS and Tanking as well, that’s what being an altoholic is all about.

Characters [70+]:


~ by tankhealdps on May 30, 2009.

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